The November Rundown by justuntilsund0wn

About once a month, I’d like to do a rundown of the music I’ve been listening to recently, and I encourage everybody to do the same. When you don’t have time to do a full album review, just give us a word or two about each album so we can share what is worth checking out ourselves. My friend and I have been doing this all year, and I plan on posting some back issues to get us started.

A) “Sawdust” by The Killers
B) “The Wire Tapes: Volume 1” by Dashboard Confessional
C) “The Shade of Poison Trees” by Dashboard Confessional
D) “Boxer” by The National
E) “Cassadaga” by Bright Eyes
F) “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning” by Bright Eyes
G) “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn” by Bright Eyes

A) It’s that good.
B) Absolutely the best covers album I’ve ever heard. The breadth of Dashboard’s talent is really made apparent.
C) Sugar, baby. I’ve listened to this album something like 60 times in 2 months. 12 songs, 33 minutes, delicious pop sounds. *cough* Brian Wilson *cough*
D) Beautiful, wistful, symphonic.
E) Perfect.
F) Classic.
G) I-can’t-even-believe-how-good-this-is-considering-its-electronic-folk good.

N.B. Yes, I linked to MySpace. Its the best way to listen to a bands music quickly. I’ve noticed since nthe networking sites took off, bands have really let their home pages slide. Sucks.